CanDo Adjustable Cuff Wrist Weights, Red – twenty 0.2 pound inserts


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Product Description

The CanDo Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights with weight inserts fit snugly around the wrist or ankle. D-ring fastening system ensures a secure fit. Color-coded weights are easy to identify.

  • Ankle weight comes standard with a D-ring closure for a snug fit and padded interior for a comfortable fit. The weight ships with weight inserts pre-inserted into the weight pockets.
  • The weight is color-coded to identify maximum weight. Each weight is available individually or as a pair.
  • These inserts can be removed from the weight pockets to adjust the weight of the exerciser.
  • Color: Red. 1 year. Country Of origin: China.
  • Dimension: 8″”Lx7″”Hx5″”W. Weight: 5 Lbs.
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    Weight 5 lbs